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What is REEwork?
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  • "Extremely user friendly"
  • "Truly Amazing!"
  • "Very, very convenient for Dieticians, it's a Digital revolution"
How it works?
  • Once boarded on App

    Once you have boarded on our App, you will be allocated a personal Dietician and answer a few simple questions and your Health Journey starts.

  • Thorough Diagnosis

    Our objective is to first do thorough diagnosis by examining your more than 140 essential parameters of your body along with Lifestyle.

  • Personalized Plans

    Once the above steps are done, which just takes a couple of days, counselling session is orgainzed with your respective Dietician. Thus, your wholistic Diet Plan is ready and available on your mobile. This Plan not only has the comprehensive Diet Plan but also includes Supplement Plan, Nutrition Plan, Activity Plan etc. To further help you, the App has Recipe Videos of each of the prescribed Diet, Reminders etc.

  • Ease of Supervision

    There are many features in the App like Analytics, Food Snapping, Chatting etc. which helps you and your REEcoach to effectively monitor the progress and maneuver any changes, as-and-when required.

  • Many Excellent App Features

    The App has many excellent features like Unlimited data storage for medical reports, Recipe Library (which has hundreds of recipe Videos of delicious Healthy cuisines), Me-Before & After (which stores your own Photos time-to-time for comparison), Spiritual Library and many more.

    Please try today to experience a very effective, the first of its kind Health & Wellness App.

Success Stories of REEwork App

If you are concerned about your own health or health of any of your dear ones then you should go for REEwork App, now. Our strength is not only Technology but also our methodology of approaching the problem and we believe in PRECISION or EXACTNESS. Whether it is precision in diagnosis of the Health issue or precision required in preparation of the total Health Plan (includes Diet Plan and many more) for you or exactness in implementation of the Health Plan, REEwork App has mastered this.

Our views are endorsed by many, out of which, a few are highlighted below.

It’s easy, it’s user friendly and it really works! Join REEwork and you’ll fall in love with it!
Frequently Asked Questions
REEwork is a unique Health & Wellness Mobile App designed with holistic & scientific approach to cover important parameters impacting Mind as-well-as Body. It provides a digital platform and works on the principle of Preventive Health Care i.e Prevent disease rather than Treating the same.
Dieticians can benefit the most from our Mobile App. This application is also available to Dietician on Web mode i.e they can Login on both Mobile & Web mode. For the first time, complete Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring can be done on-line/digitally and Dieticians can manage multiple customers with 100% accuracy.
Hospitals, Health Coaches, Sports Trainer etc. Any-one, who is interested in his/her own health or health of their dear ones can benefit from REEwork App. This digital platform guides you to also self-manage your health with the help of our software & medical experts.
Yes, the price is well affordable and you will appreciate the same when you board our App or talk to our Marketing Executive.
For the first time, complete Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring can be done on-line. It has digital features like Dietary Recall, BCA & Pathology Parameters, on-line design of Pre-counselling Questionnaire, Analytics (Graphs) for easy analysis, Food Exchange List, On-line Diet Plan, Grocery List of Diet Plan, Food Snapping and many more.
You can download our App from the Google Play Store or Apple Store or you can go to the Top page of this website and click the button to get the App Link on your Mobile.

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